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Welcome to Hallel's site!


The Israeli Choir Association – Hallel, was established by singers, conductors and choir directors to serve the artistic choirs around the country. All the members of the committee volunteer their services in order to advance the performance of choral music.

The Hallel Festival, Singing Sabbaths, enrichment programs for conductors, and concerts at the Felicja Blumenthal Music Center are some of the activities offered to choirs who belong to the organization.

Last year we had discussions with directors and conductors to re-examine the activities and possibilities of cooperation with Israeli choir associations Mila and the Zimriya (World Assembly of Choirs in Israel). As a result we built a new website and transferred the administrative work to the Zimriya.

We believe that the existence of an active choir organization is important for:

- improving the professionalism of the choirs and conductors;

- deepening the connection and acquaintance between them, and

- representing them to institutions in Israel and around the world.

We call on all choirs and conductors to join and be part of this organization.

Rami Barber                   
Chairman of the Israeli Choir Association

Hallel - The Israeli Choral Organization is a member of the European Choral Association -

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